Lunches in the Parks

Every Saturday, Dwelling House of Hope volunteers make lunch bags filled with healthy, nutritious food to feed those that are less fortunate and displaced at Lowell parks.

Who would know that life can turn around and you can find yourself in the street holding a sign that reads; “HELP!” Many people would like to judge and not put into consideration to ask “How?”, “Why?”, “When?” and “What happened to this person?”
I was once a great father, great husband, great friend and well-respected person with a great job. One day I found myself holding a sign that read “HELP!” I had lost my job of 28 years along with my marriage. I was hopeless, helpless, homeless and depressed. I could only find comfort in drugs until I became an addict.
One day someone from Men and Women of Vision Empowering Nations (MOVEN/WOVEN) saw me with my sign. I didn’t think my life could turn around. With the help of MOVEN/WOVEN, I become a better person again.