Community Events

US Federal Chaplin Graduation

Our executive director Levenia Furusa graduated from the US Federal Chaplin program and was recognized for the work she does, supplying food to more than 300 immigrant families in Lawrence.


Levenia Furusa Graduating as a US Federal Chaplin. Behind her is the Mayor of Lawrence Brian DePena and the Lawrence Chief of Police

COVID-19 Response from Dwelling House of Hope

During the COVID-19 health emergency, we have been working tirelessly to meet the food security needs of our community. In addition to more families needing assistance, we are also helping to deliver food to people who are unable to leave their homes. We have been partnering with Lowell Alliance, Lowell Community Health Center, Vinfen, New American Center, and Local Churches to deliver food to those who cannot leave their homes. We have also modified our on-site distribution to incorporate social distancing guidelines and to minimize contact between individuals, including pre-packing food in boxes for pick up.

If you are in need of food assistance you should call 1 866 674-9988 and register to pick up food.

If you would like to donate, please click here to visit our donations page.

Lowell African Festival

June 15 2019

Our table at the festival

African Cultural Fest 2019

Pastor's Appreciation Banquet

November 2018

Youth Overdose Awareness March

Downtown Lowell, August 2018

Youth Overdose Awareness

Youth Overdose Awareness March in Downtown Lowell, August, 2017


Pastors Appreciation Banquet

Dec 2016

Fundraising Dinner

State Senator Eileen Donoghue supporting the fund raising event at Men and Women off Vision Empowering Nations. April 2016

State Senator Eileen Donoghue addressing people at the Woven/Moven fundraising event in 2016