Men and Women of Vision Empowering Nations

Men and Women of Vision Empowering Nations (MOVEN/WOVEN) is the community outreach program of Dwelling House of Hope, Inc.. We organize health campaigns, walks, and door to door initiatives to educate the people in our community about the unhealthy and deadly effects of drug use and overdose. As part of our strategy, we prepare healthy meals and take to the bridges and parks to members of our community involved in this societal menace. We also assist in the placement of vulnerable children in foster homes, by referring them to the Department of Children and Families (DCF). We assist in referrals to detoxification agencies, who work on counseling this vulnerable population, in adopting healthier life styles.

Every Saturday, Our outreach program provides bag lunches filled with healthy, nutritious food prepared by our volunteers to feed those that are less fortunate and displaced at Lowell parks

MOVEN/WOVEN engages in community events and hosts an annual overdose awareness march to raise awareness of the overdose problems and to help reduce the stigma attached to addiction.

MOVEN/WOVEN began as a separate a non-profit organization in Lowell, MA also founded by Levenia Furusa before becoming a program within Dwelling House of Hope, Inc.. Our main objective is community outreach, providing assistance to single parent and low income homes, and equipping them with the necessary tools and resources they need to help them spend more quality time with their children.

WOVEN/MOVEN Believes that:

Relationships do not just happen but they are pursued and produced through love and sincere affections. It is our passion to share love through genuine care and concern for others. The purpose of our WOVEN/MOVEN is to meet the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of women, men and children within our community.

Our streets are not always the safest place for our children to hang out because they can end up being caught up in the gang violence that is already taking place. Most people have failed to identify the root of gang related crimes and activity and WOVEN/MOVEN seeks to find a solution to keep children away from it.

Not all parents have the privileges life offers allowing them to constantly socialize with their children, or spend time to raise their children. When asked, some parents say that they have to work long hours just to put food on the table for their children.

Modern technology has become the baby-sitter as children get to spend more time playing video games or watching TV. During the few hours that parents are home, they are either on the computer or on their smartphones and in return their children don’t get enough love and guidance from their own parents. When the children look for love in all the wrong places, there is always a stranger from the streets waiting to give neglected children the love and support they are seeking.

To alleviate this problem, Moven/Woven reaches out to single parents and low income families to help them with food and other community based programs. We have reached out to so many families who have benefited from our program.

We would also like to start a community center where disadvantaged children can spend more time learning different skills.

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