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 Levenia Furusa Mavingire

LeveniaFor anyone who knows Levenia Furusa Mavingire; when they hear about her, the first thing that comes to mind is a scene of her running or driving children to or from school, or, a scene of her feeding the destitute on the streets of Lowell.

If there are people who get involved in their communities; say ‘kudos’ to this woman.    Levenia is something else.   Levenia is a people person.  You find her in church bringing sandwiches for the congregation every Sunday morning; or at a women’s gathering giving them some hope and encouragement; or at a school discussing with a teacher about one of her foster children’s needs; or attending one of the city council town meetings.  Believe you me; the list of activities Levenia is involved in goes on and on.  Many times she is driving her big box truck written Dwelling House of Hope (Helping Hands) on both sides. Levenia has a lot of energy, sometimes we wonder where she get all that energy from.

Levenia moved to Lowell MA from Zimbabwe in 1995.  Even in Zimbabwe she was always giving someone a helping hand.

There are many attributes Levenia got from her father, Mr. John Furusa, who was a missionary in Zimbabwe, Africa.  He was a man of everyone in need.  A man who loved God and spent most of his life being a businessman and doing God’s work at the same time.  Mr. Furusa gave his money away.  He gave his love and time to people he served.  So is this lovely lady; just like her dad.  By the time she leaves this world, Levenia is sure to leave a legacy.

Levenia initially studied Business; but like most people she found that she was not quite in her niche and switched to Human Services.

Written by Pastor Paaj