Dwelling House of Hope

Levenia Furusa founded Dwelling House of Hope food pantry over 6 years ago to provide food and sustenance to needy families primarily in the Lowell area. Dwelling House of Hope has formed relationships with over 500 families over the years.

The Pantry opens on Saturday from 10 am to 11:30 am to serve Lowell residents and other people from neighboring communities. We provide nutritious food and clothing to families in our community. Most pick up the food at the Mount Hope entrance, and the handicapped receive delivery service.

We hold special events throughout the year

  • We appreciate the mothers in our community with a yearly Mother’s day appreciation celebration where we give food boxes and gift bags to mothers in our community
  • We host a yearly thanksgiving day celebration, where we provide families with turkeys and food baskets for their Thanksgiving celebration
  • We also provide toys to children of families in need, during the Christmas holiday celebrations

We also hold cooking classes and educate some of the people on how they can cook the food we provide to them. We also provide job skills training such as CPR, First Aid, AED operation, blood borne pathogens, and OSHA work safety. Our food pantry staff and volunteers attend to families with compassion, love, respect and dignity.

Men and Women of Vision Empowering Nations (MOVEN/WOVEN) is our community outreach program where we organize health campaigns, walks, and door to door initiatives to educate the people in our community about the unhealthy and deadly effects of drug use and overdose. As part of our strategy, we prepare healthy meals and take to the bridges and parks to members of our community involved in this societal menace. We also assist in the placement of vulnerable children in foster homes, by referring them to the Department of Children and Families (DCF). We assist in referrals to detoxification agencies, who work on counseling this vulnerable population, in adopting healthier life styles.

Every Saturday, our outreach program provides bag lunches filled with healthy, nutritious food prepared by our volunteers to feed those that are less fortunate and displaced at Lowell parks

MOVEN/WOVEN engages in community events and hosts an annual overdose awareness march to raise awareness of the overdose problems and to help reduce the stigma attached to addiction.

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